Thursday, April 30, 2009

April 29, 2009 St Joseph, MO to Greenwood, NE

We woke up in St. Joseph and it was raining, foggy and misty - all at the same time. We had run out of coffee. Seemed like as good a time as any to break camp and leave for our next destination. At various times we could either see for a half mile or so or a couple of hundred feet. We pulled into the Pine Grove RV Park in Greenwood, NE and the rain was slowing down. Soon after setting up we had a new experience. We were to meet some MOC friends in a restaurant located in a lodge in a Nebraska State Park for dinner. Coming from Michigan, we had never heard of a restaurant in a state park, let alone a nice ledge/hotel. Were we ever pleasantly surprised. The park is beautiful and very well maintained. The lodge and restaurant look over the Platte River, the route that the Mormons and settlers took to the west. We met with the Kelpe's and Lichtenberg's and enjoyed a great evening in their company. The view over the river and surrounding area is wonderful. A deer even slowly ate its way by our vista, not even concerned that a group of people in the restaurant was watching. We were given many suggestions of places to go and things to do by these Omaha residents - so many that we will have to do many of them in future visits. Like Steve has said, when they travel and see a site, that seems to open the door to many more to see and do.

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