Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009 Booneville, MO Clydesdale babies and Mighty Mo!

Another thrilling, beautiful day. The Clydesdales are probably Carol's favorite animal and we hoped to see the Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales when we were in St. Louis. They are kept at the Grant Farm and we discovered Sunday evening that they are open in this season on Saturday and Sunday only. That means we missed them. There happened to be a front page story in the Sunday St. Louis Post-Dispatch describing a baby Clydesdale being born on their farm in Booneville, MO. This is a birthing farm that is not open to the public. Today we went to Booneville and located an area where we could actually see the Clydesdales, mammas and babies. They are so huge and powerful and their "wee" babies are still big. We saw a little one running after its mother calling "Mom, wait for me!" The baby caught up with mom and began following her everywhere. I told a joke to another baby Clydesdale and it hid its head in its mother and told me that I made it blush. Don't believe it, though. I would never do that. We went another couple of miles and found the Mighty Missouri River flowing greatly along a Federal Wildlife area. This is the river that Lewis and Clarke traveled upstream from its merger with the Mississippi just north of St. Louis to the Pacific. They fought the current, high rocky bluffs, the formidible Rockies and weather throughout the trek. Imagine a group of men pulling large, heavy boats AGAINST the current for so many miles while also meeting indians that either were or were not hostile - they never know what they were going to meet. We feel so very fortunate to be able to be seeing so much of our wonderful country. All our lives, we rushed and hurried to get somewhere to get something done so that we could get somewhere else to do something else. Retirement lets us stop and, believe me, the roses smell beautiful.

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