Thursday, December 3, 2009

Is there a Greyhound in our future?

About 4 weeks and we are out of here and on our way to Texas! We have been thinking and talking about maybe getting a dog for several years, now, and the thought of adopting a Racing Greyhound has been discussed as a way to do this. Whe traveling, we have seen people who have adopted these retired athletes and they say they love them. They are so gentle and athletic looking that we have really liked what we have seen. We have talked with owners who RV and they say that the dogs love to travel and do it well. We also like the short hair and relative lack of shedding. Saturday we are to attend a "Meet and Greet" in Flint sponsored by the area Adopted Racing Greyhound Society, GEM. WE have been reading the "required reading" books and will get "up close and personal" with the Greyhounds and their owners. It probably would not be fair to either us or a dog to do this until we return in May or so. We'll see!

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