Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunny's Home, Sunny's Home!

Today we went to Ann Arbor to pick up Sunny up from her foster home. It was a rainy, starting to be sleety day but Mark and Mary Varney have been fostering Sunny since September and have done a great job so the day turned warm instantly, when we arrived. Sunny was awake all the way home but was quiet and probably wondering what her new home was going to be like. Once home, she wandered the home going repeatedly into all the rooms and after a half hour or so, went to the family room and played with some of her toys for a while. She then crashed on her mat in the family room where she nervously has been sleeping for some time. What a good girl she is. This is going to be great. The organization GEM,, has been great throughout this entire process. They assure the good health of the hound and are set to continue follow-up for a long time to be sure that all is well. The Varney's are now left with only Ernie, a 90 pound GIANT Greyhound. Everyone we have met from GEM has been really great with and for us. We appreciate all that they have done and are looking forward to meeting with many more as time goes by. In the meantime, SUNNY IS HOME! Yesterday we saw children and grandchildren and today Sunny - Life is Good!

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Ron and Thelma said...

She is a cutie. I know you will love her.