Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sunny's getting used to us!

Sunny is getting familiar with us and our home. She, like all Greyhounds, sleeps a lot in her crate but comes out to see us whenever she gets curious about what she hears us doing. If she hears the leash rattle, she comes with her tail a-wag. Carol and I went shopping today at Toys-R-Us and took Sunny. This was the first car ride since we brought her from her foster home so she was quite apprehensive at first. When we arrived at the store, Carol went in and I waited in the car with Sunny. She missed Carol and would alternate between lying on the rear seat and jumping up to investigate any noise she heard in the parking lot. I would have taken her for a stroll around the area but the cold and wind made it not a great idea. Maybe next time. She soon calmed down and enjoyed the trip. She is so comfortable around home that we are very pleased. She slept through the entire night and eats regularly and voraciously. Look at this photo - does she looked stressed to you? Not to us either. Getting closer to Christmas and then the great journey to the Southwest. We never traveled with a pet before, let along one this big, so we eagerly await the adventure. When we told Sunny we were going to Texas and Arizona, she asked us what the hold-up was!

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