Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Almost time to leave for the Great Southwest!

It is almost time to set out on our latest adventure. This time, we will be joined by Sunny and so all three of us will explore this area of our country together. We had a great CHRISTmas! We spent CHRISTmas Eve at our daughter Richelle's and on CHRISTmas morning, the kids and grandkid came to our home. The ONLY way to celebrate this holiday! Carol had a bad cold and we didn't get to see her dad on CHRISTmas and I caught if from her, I guess. She spent a lot of late CHRISTmas in bed and the next day and I spent yesterday mostly in bed. We are recovering now, hopefully, and still hope to leave Sunday or Monday. The only delaying factor should be the weather. When we see that we can make it to Berea, KY on our first leg of the trip, withoug snow, we are out of here. We love our home and close proximity to our children and grandchildren but are ready to explore. Traveling with a new (to us) Greyhound may prove very interesting but we eagerly await seeing how it goes.

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Ron and Thelma said...

You will do great with sunny. Will be anxious to read you blog and see how things go. We are trying to get out of here on the 18th if all goes acording to plan. Have a safe trip and watch the weather.