Friday, January 1, 2010


A check with the "Weather Bug" and have named Monday as the day that we leave! Looks like we will have a decent window in the weather, especially south of Cincinnati. Cinci is where we were sideswiped by a semi on our way to Florida a couple of years ago in a heavy rain/sleet storm. Once past there, I will feel more comfortable. We are hoping to make Berea, KY for the first night. Sunny is more than ready to leave for warmer climes. She "guarded" the CHRISTmas tree until it was taken down because that was one of her favorite places to sleep under. Whodathunkit? Yesterday we got a winter coat for Sunny. The one she was wearing out in the Michigan tundra was a spring/fall coat and she was freezing. Greyhounds have very little body fat and very short fur so she needs better protection when venturing out into this weather. She is much more comfortable, now. This is the dog that raced in Miami so she will be back in her element in South Texas and Arizona.


Allison Carey said...

Jim & Carol: I love your blog! And love all the photos of Sunny. She and you look so happy. This is why I do what I do. I love to see people and dogs find each other and fall in love; it does my heart good to see you all so happy together. I can't even imagine my life without greyhounds in it and I can see you two are well on your way to becoming greyhound "snobs" - that's a good thing! Enjoy your travels and be sure to look up local greyhound groups as you do. You'll soon find out what we already know - that greyhound people are the BEST and you will find yourself among family wherever you and Sunny travel from now on. I wish you sunny skies and safe roads as you go. The temps here are just above zero so you got away just in the nick of time! BBBRRRRrrrrr it's cold. If I didn't have classes beginning on Jan. 12th I'd hitch a ride down to winter with you and Sunny to enjoy the sights in better weather. AHve fun! Be safe! Allison

Ron and Thelma said...

Maybe Sunny thought if she stayed by the tree Santa dog would bring her something more Safe travels we are outa here on the 17 if the weather holds up.