Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Willis, TX to Rockport, TX

Yesterday we towed our Montana from Willis to Rockport, TX. As we traveled through Houston, our camera battery went dead. We usually recharge it prior to our moves but this time forgot. I have always liked urban skylines and we were able to get a shot of part of Houston's skyline. We will have to revisit Houston some day so that we can take a proper skyline shot. We saw a tall "needle" building for a long distance away and got a shot of it, too. Don't know what attracted us to it but, in case we ever recall why, it is memorialized here, now! It is really too bad that the camera battery died because we saw all kinds of alligators, cougars, snakes, elephants and circus clowns and were not able to photograph any of them. Oh, well. Maybe next time! We are now set up at BayView RV Resort, a ROD park. The interior roads are horrible but our site is beautiful. We are on a hill overlooking a small pond that is home to a resident gator. Sunny is excitedly meeting new friends here, too. Just hope she does not get up close and personal with the gator! She is a real people magnet. There are no strangers to her, just people she has not met yet. Bob and Noreen, two friends that I worked with at Waldenwoods RV Resort in Michigan, are arriving here tonight so we will be able to see them for two weeks. Their home park is near Bandara, TX and we will be there for a couple of weeks next month, too. They have two dogs so Sunny should be very happy, too. Oh, yes. I almost forgot - 72 AND SUNNY YESTERDAY AND MORE OF SAME TODAY, ONLY WITH SOME CLOUDS!!!


Myrna said...

We have stayed at that campground before... there is more than one gator in those ponds. You can see them basking on the edge when it is sunny and usually you just see their backs gliding along in the water. Lots of turtles and some different birds.

Jim and Carol said...

Thanks, Myrna. Maybe we should stop walking the dog after dark!