Saturday, January 16, 2010

A great day in Houston!

Today was a great day in Houston. The only flaw in the day, if it can be called a flaw, was that it rained off and on until about 2:00PM. We even found that Houston has Palm Trees. This surprised us. We started out meeting friends at Golden Corrall for lunch. We each had driven half way from our respective camping spots. We must have talked for a couple of hours or so before parting, them to return to their campsite and us to go to Spring, TX. We had been invited to attend the Greyhound Pets of America/Houston monthly version of a Meet and Greet. Old Town Spring is a small, artsy community. The GPA walk around the shops and sidewalks with their Greys so that the townsfolk and tourists can get to meet, pet and learn about Greyhounds. The people love it but I believe that the Greys love it even more. We had been invited by the coordinator, Tim Haller and his friend, John Rohrer and three Greys, Jenny, Goldy and
Mattie. We had a wonderful time wandering this quaint town for a while and watching Sunny totally enjoy being with other Greyhounds and people that wanted to touch, pet, spoil and learn about her. We took a group photo with, left to right, John and Tim and Matty, Goldy, Jenny and Sunny.

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