Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hurricane Mills, TN to East Memphis, TN

This was a short jaunt today, about two hours. We are in Lakeland, TN, just east of Memphis. We went to see Will and Grace Jerden and they had their children and several neighbor children there to meet Sunny. Sunny was to skitterish for the kids so they went on to play elsewhere and Sunny lay down and watched a football game on television while we talked. Tomorrow we will go back in the afternoon. It will be sunny and cold but they have a large fenced in back yard so Sunny should love to run for awhile. She should also be less shy around the kids because this will be a return trip. Monday Carol will go see a dentist here and then Tuesday we will take off again into Arkansas - maybe to the Hot Springs area. The weather is supposed to warm up next week so we all are looking forward to that.

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