Saturday, January 30, 2010

Corpus Christi and Rockport waterfronts

We had a few items to pick up from Sam's Club and Petsmart so we drove down to Corpus Christi today. It was sunny, mid 50s and windy. Beautiful day but cool for South Texas. Sunny got antsy waiting in the truck with Carol while I shopped for a while but then got very happy when we took her into Petsmart. She was surrounded by children that wanted to pet her. We could almost see the grin plastered on her mug! There is a small park on the bay with a great look at the Corpus Christi skyline. I still love skylines. Along the coast, many areas are at or below sea level so the houses are built on stilts. If a flood strikes, the bottom level is not covered by insurance but the upper floor may be. I look at houses at or under sea level and the first, second and third thoughts are "What is wrong with this picture?" How can they obtain insurance and, if none can be obtained, why do we taxpayers have to cover their losses? I just don't understand. We saw a pelican that was hunting. He would float on the water, suddenly soar into the air and dive into the water, grab a fish and then swim serenely while having his seafood dinner. We saw a pier that was covered with large, dark birds.Don't know what kind they were but there were a ton of them.


Ron and Thelma said...

Jim we see the same thing here at Gulf Shores. A lot of homes on stilts. Park the car underneath. It's not for me. love visting but now staying

Myrna said...

Thanks for refreshing our memories of the Rockport area. Hope to meet up with you 3 some day. Sunny needs a blog now..titled Sunny's adventures. Anyway, safe travels as you move on tomorrow.

Jim and Carol said...

My parents lived in a "stilt house" on the Grand River in Michigan when I was born. The river would rise every spring and they took rowboats to the homes from high ground.