Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rockport, TX Fulton Mansion and port

This was a lay-back day. Watched the first playoff game when the Colts beat the Jets and then took a sandwich to the waterfront where Carol, Sunny and I had a picnic. There is a mansion sitting right on the Gulf that has successfully withstood many hurricanes since it was built around 1900. One interesting sight is a round set of windmill blades that was torn from its tower during one of those horrific storms and embedded into the top of a live oak. This was almost one hundred years ago and still it remains in the tree. The fishing boats were almost all in for the evening. The sky, facing east at sunset, is a beautiful shade of pink. The pelicans are still fishing, probably because they missed one once because they were not prepared to wait until dusk. Now it is time to watch the Vikings beat the Saints!

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