Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Tree, Goose Island State Park

We are camped in the middle of gnarly Live Oaks. We learned of a Live Oak nearby that the locals call it, simply, The Big Tree. We drove to the area of Goose Island State Park and located it. This entire area is beautiful. There is splendor wherever one looks. This area is full of these beautifully ugly monsters and this one is HUGE! It is reported to be the oldest Live Oak known. It is 35 feet in circumference and over 1000 years old. It is located near the water and has withstood countless hurricanes and even a Union naval bombardment in 1865 that destroyed the town of Lamar Oak. While looking at the tree, several people approached and told us that there were four rare Whooping Cranes nearby. We went to the waterfront and found the cranes posing in the bay for us. Then a flock of six more Whooping Cranes flew by. Wow, 10 out of approximately 200 in the world! We came on some whitetail deer, nearby, too. We thought we were in heaven, seeing all of these beauties. We then went to the waterfront in Fulton and found a bunch of white pelicans having a conference covering where they were going to go next for a fish dinner. We found a home near the cranes that was build in the middle of a copse of Live Oaks. Then on the shore of the bay, near the pelicans, we found another. Actually several others but only photographed these two. Can you see the homes in the rear of the property?

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