Thursday, January 14, 2010

Arkadelphia, AR to Tenaha, TX to Willis, TX

Wednesday we drove from Arkadelphia, AR to Tenaha, TX. The weather warmed up considerably and the sun shone brightly. The afternoon was in the mid-50s or so and last night it dropped to only 41. This low was higher than it has been in the daytime since before we left Michigan. We stayed at The Lazy Armadillo Campground, a Passport America Park. This is a nice, small and clean park right on US-59. It was located in the middle of nowhere and we had no cell phone or internet coverage. Once we got used to this, it was kinda nice. When we left today, the sun came out and the temperature rose quickly to 62 degrees. When we neared our new campground in Willis, TX, the rain started. The ground was muddy but we have a cement pad for our rig. Sunny is really comfortable, now, rising in the morning and getting into the pickup to go to a new interesting spot. New people to meet, new scents to smell - it is so great! She is a really happy puppy, now. The unexpected is beginning to be expected by her. It is funny watching her get out of the truck at a new rest area or pit stop along a highway. Carol will be holding the leash and a 63 pound greyhound tries to go her own way. Sunny is so excited that she jumps and prances with the warm weather. When she gets into the Montana at night, she is more than ready to eat and crash. I will try to post some more pictures soon but it is time to take my before bedtime nap, now!

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