Friday, January 15, 2010

First impressions of Texas and more Sunny

The first photo was our greeting on our entrance to Texas. The people we have met since then seem to go our of their way to be friendly! Do you see the beauty of the second photo? It shows water and sewer hose hooked up and there is no fear of freezing! What a concept! We kept Sunny's coat on today because it was low 50s and rainy but couldn't pass up every chance we could to get outside. Sunny thanks us every day, now that we are in warmer Texas. Tomorrow we are going to a Meet and Greet sponsored by a Greyhound Adoption Group from the Houston area. Sunny will meet Texas Greys and we will meet more of our new extended family. Carol's tooth is now giving her no problem at all. She is still taking the antibiotic, though.


Ron and Thelma said...

How does Sunny like riding in the truck. Glad you are in warmer weather. Have safe trip Ron and Thelma

Jim and Carol said...

She loves it, Ron. When we go, she is ready to go!