Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MI to OH and then to KY BRRR!!!

We left Monday and, since we left later than expected, we only made it to Wapakoneta, OH. Good Grief, its cold! We had light all the way to Wapakoneta and the cold, along with the wind, was bitter! The only hookup we got here was electric so we took a "splash" bath. It was too cold to walk to the shower room and then back while damp. Sunny is taking to the RV lifestyle very well. She saw herself in the floor to ceiling mirror in the bedroom and thought she had a new friend. She was so excited until she figured out that the image was not real. Had her going for a while, though. She has real mixed feelings about the new environments she is traveling to. She gets excited to go out and explore and "do her business" but then wants to jump right back into the 5th wheel to warm up. Today, the truck did not start when we were getting ready to hook up and travel to Berea, KY. The man making the service call said starter, not battery, so he got it started and we took off for Berea. We are not in Berea and it in the teens again and the Ford garage was closing soon after I made a call. Hopefully it will start in the morning so that I can get it in for repairs. Then we are off to Crossville, TN, where we will visit with Bob and Barb Kritchke, old friends from Detroit and Livingston County. Carol and Sunny both crashed in the living room a little while ago. Don't they look content? I am going to grab a bite and join them.

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Ron and Thelma said...

Gosh That picture of the ice on the wall really makes it look cold. Hope you get the truck fixed. Don't you just hate it when things go haywire. Be safe