Friday, January 8, 2010

Crossville, TN to Hurricane Mills, TN

Carol came down with a toothache under a relatively new crown. Her jaw started swelling and so this morning we called a dentist in Crossville recommended by our friends, Bob and Barb Krichke. We quickly learned that dentists do not work on Fridays in Crossville. They would be happy to make an appointment for Monday so we called friends in Memphis, Will and Grace Jerden. They recommended their dentist so we took off driving toward Memphis. We got to Waverly, TN and went to a Passport America RV Park. We had called and were advised that they were open. When we started up the drive to the park we saw that it was long and steep. Near the top there was snow across the road. When we hit the snow we started sliding. We then started slowly backing down the hill and promptly slid off the road into a tree, causing small damage. We were able to get back onto the driveway and finally backed 300 feet or so down to the road and split. We called the manager and he could not understand why we were upset. "I can't be responsible for the weather!" We came back one exit to a KOA campground in Hurricane Mills, TN where we are snug and comfortable. Carol and Sunny are snoozin' and I am about to do the same. Tomorrow we go to Memphis where we will be staying until at least Monday mid-day, after Carol's dentist appointment. The weather on this journey has been horrible but the companionship of Carol, Sunny and me have made it great inside the Monty and the great time we had visiting old friends in Crossville. Now we will spend a weekend in Memphis visiting more friends so who could ask for more?


Ron and Thelma said...

Sorry to hear about the mess. You would have thought he would get the snow out of the way. Were they really open. Be carefull. Tell Carol hope the tooth is better after the dentist

Jim and Carol said...

Thanks, folks. Life withhout "messes" would be pretty boring, wouldn't it? Carol says "Thsnks" too!