Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny ran in the Jerden Stakes, today!

Sunny was allowed to run without a leash today for the first time since we adopted her. We were visiting Will and Grace Jerden in Arlington, TN and they have a large, fenced in back yard. She did not quite know what to do when we took off her leash but soon began to enjoy the freedom to run. We were just reminded of how much we have to teach her. She does not even know how to play, yet. After the romp, we went to PetSmart and had her toenails trimmed. She was very good there. From her racetrack days, she was handled and treated a lot so she was fairly comfortable during this procedure. Tomorrow Carol goes to the dentist nearby and then we will probably travel again on Tuesday. Tomorrow the temps are supposed to be above freezing for the first time in ages for us so we will hopefully be able to have running water. Last night the power went out some time before 4:00AM and I was awakened when the temperature inside was 43 and dropping. Outside it was 9. Was able to hook up to the power box in the next site and finished the night in comfort.

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Edwin said...

Hi Jim and Carol - So, you are on your way already! Sounds like you have had a few problems but things will only get better. Why don't you set yourself up in Skype and contact me through email to make a Skype connection. Dale