Monday, January 11, 2010

Carol's on the mend!

Carol went to the dentist this morning and, since we were leaving tomorrow, he could not do any extensive work. He took xrays and saw the problem. She now has a prescription for antibiotics and pain killers. After the infection is cleared up, if she continues to suffer pain or discomfort, she will probably need a root canal or extraction. We will be set up in Rockport, TX next week for two weeks so, if need be, she will have it taken care of then. Otherwise, she is good to go for a while. We paid one more visit to Will, Grace and The Boys today and Sunny got another good romp in the fenced back yard. She is still handicapped by not knowing how to play, yet, but we will teach that to her as we travel this winter and spring. She sure is a happy camper now, though. Poor pup, every day somewhere or someone new. She must really be confused now but she is very comfortable with us and seems to enjoy it all.

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