Friday, December 11, 2009

Now we wait!

We had our "in home" interview today with the GEM (Greyhounds of Eastern Michigan representatives. All seemed to go well. They were here for about four hours. The process for adopting a Retired Racing Greyhound seems to us to be nearly as complicated and thorough as adopting a child. When we decided to go this route we did not have any idea of the complexities but we are very happy that they do it this way. When we will see other Greyhounds in the future we will have a good idea that the owners will have been chosen carefully so that the hound has a good home. Now, we wait for a telephone call that should come tomorrow telling us that we can go visit and possibly select our new addition to our family. We were advised that there is a good chance that we will be able to see Sunny, who we have described before. If we are able and willing to adopt Sunny, we may rename her Sunshine. Carol had an Uncle Sonny and she says this is a little girl so Sunshine will be her name. Tomorrow we will know more.

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