Monday, February 7, 2011

Bird Brains!

Yesterday, we went for a drive and came onto a "dish" that the State of Florida places on top of power poles for Ospreys. Here, mama Osprey is keeping her chicks warm waiting for pop to return with some food. Here he is, looking like an Eagle up there soaring. Then, this morning, a small bird sat on the roof of a shed just behind our Montana looking at itself in the reflection of our rear picture window. It must have thought that it discovered its soulmate because it danced in the air looking at the reflection, perched on the sills and preened itself of the rear ladder. When it pecked at a window, I pecked back hoping to thwart its insistence on pecking on our window. It must have thought that it was being pecked back by the reflection because, instead of being shooed away, it got more excited - finally leaving after being unsuccessful in meeting the reflection "up close and personal!"

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