Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It just gets better!

Today, the sunny day got to almost 80 - quite the contrast to what our friends and family are facing back home. We went to Haines City and visited with MOC friends Steve and Patti Emell and Dennis, Sharon and Jennifer Maisen. Had a nice lunch at a little diner just down the road from their RV park and then back to the park for great conversation under the awning out of the directs sun. We are looking for a park to bring the Montana to next winter, from right after Thanksgiving through March or so. We really like 3 Flags in Wildwood, Wilderness in Silver Springs, The Bees in Clermont and the one we visited at today, Westview Ridge RV Resort. Sunshine is turning into a real lady when we travel. She stayed quietly in the truck while we ate, and then was the perfect guest at the Emmel's Montana.

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