Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunshine in Mt Dora Dog Park and birds back at our RV park pond

Today we went to Mt. Dora, FL, a quaint little village near our campground. We were going to take Sunshine to a new dog park and then go walk the town. We did it backwards, though, because Sunshine did her usual 20 second sprint at top speed, went to the other fur friends for support and then to each of the people in the park for patting and love. When she is running at top speed, all four feet are off the ground at once about 80% of the time. Mostly, though, she is our 45 MPH couch potato. By the time we got to town, Sunshine was exhausted! We will try it again during the week and do the town first and then the dog park. The rains the other night have brought back the birds in droves to the pond across from our Montana. It is loud all day long as they play in the water and shore and talk about it very loudly. Montana Owners Club friends, Steve and Patti Emmel came by yesterday and we went to a late lunch at Friendly's and then some great conversation under our RV awning. We have so much around us and we are enjoying it all so very much. Being cheap dates, these things are even more grand!

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