Monday, January 3, 2011

We're in Berea, KY

We started out about 6:30 this morning and made it to Berea, KY. The campground had several inches of snow a few weeks ago, then inches of ice and today we discovered that the grassy sites were frozen ponds with grass. Sunshine did not like this day at all. It was a long drive and then she stepped into several frozen over puddles and went through the ice skim, freezing her paws and lower legs. Not a happy camper. When we set up, we found that we have been visited by mice. So far, we have not located anything that has been chewed but they sure left their droppings scattered around, both the basement and living room of the Montana. Then the refrigerator would not work. No lights, no nothing! I called Camping World in Knoxville, TN, where we were traveling through tomorrow anyway, and made an appointment. A couple of hours later, it clicked and started running. Leave well enough alone, I think, and we just hope it was just frozen and thawed. Tomorrow's jaunt will be less than 200 miles so can finish unpacking what we have stored in the rig and clean up the rest of the mouse dung that we find. Hopefully I soon will locate where the little buggers came in. Oh, oh - while making the bed we just discovered that the mouses or is it meeces found a warm spot, underneath the bed spread on the mattress. Once again, no signs of chewing. It's been a long, cold day so I am heading for bed soon and I don't believe that Carol will be far behind.


Ron and Thelma said...

I don't know if it's mice or meeses but hate themWe have been pretty lucky in that respect. I always put decon in the trailer basement and it seems to work. Have a safe trip down.

Jim and Carol said...

Was it Sylvester the Cat that used to say "I hate meeses to pieces"