Monday, January 10, 2011

'twas a great day in Valdosta, GA

Yesterday, we had some shopping to do and also had found a dog park in Valdosta on a website that locates dog parks throughout the US. The park was beautiful. We forgot our camera and wish we had had it with us. This is a large, fenced in park with areas for small dogs, large dogs and all dogs. It is grassy and treed. Very clean. Sunshine met a half dozen or so fur friends and a bunch of two legged friends that she leaned up against and was patted in return. She ran, romped and, in general, really enjoyed herself. We will return here when we come through next time. Today it is raining but 45 degrees right now. We are not complaining at all because so much of the south, even the areas we just passed through last week, have a heavy snow cover now. Supposed to clear tonight and be sunny and warm for our travels tomorrow to Wildwood, near Ocala. We will veg and do inside work today.

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