Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The days just keep getting better!

The weather is getting consistently better. Yesterday and today were sunny and mid 70s. Since we have been to this park before several times, we have no need to go out "touristing" so we have been staying around the park working or playing around the rig and going to Ocala for shopping and the great dog park. I am going to start using my new Silver Sneakers membership soon and hopefully working out with a Senior Fitness advisor to help. Our friends from the MOC, Bill and Helen Moll, are coming over tomorrow for a late lunch/early dinner. We saw them last week in their campground in Silver Springs. We are looking in the area for a campground where we can return to for several months at a time starting next year. We are talking about bringing the rig down right after Thanksgiving and then leaving for a couple of weeks in December for the holidays and then returning here. That would save driving through the snow or just ahead of the snow and ice like we have been doing. Much better!


Ron and Thelma said...

That might be a good idea. We always leave right after Christmas sometime and it is always cold to pack it up. Maybe that is what we should do. If you find a good campground where it is gonna be warm let us know. We will go to Fl next year

Jim and Carol said...

Sounds like a plan, Ron!