Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday's storm brings joy today!

The birds are ecstatic around here. The dump of all that water in last evening's thunderstorms turned a dry pond that was just a large mud hole into mostly a water filled pond again. The cranes are strutting around in it and the other birds have been singing happily since before sun-up. The ground no longer crunches crisply when we walk across it. The squirrels are prancing around with their tails held high. The temps were a cool lower 60s today but the sun was bright. It will be slowly warming up now, into the 70s by the weekend. The weather we traveled down here to enjoy is finally on its way for good (we hope.) We had forgotten that January is the month that, if there is going to be cold and wet down here, it will be this month. We have absolutely no complaints, though. I always figure that, if I wake up in the morning, there is nothing that God and I can not handle!

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