Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tornados, 60MPH+ winds, thunder & lightning, hail

Too many coppers shot in the last little while. A majority of my adult life were spent in Detroit and Green Oak and I still feel the kinship with the working cop. May God bless you, my friends in Blue! We were hearing about a large storm heading for Central Florida from The Gulf of Mexico and wanted to get out of Wildwood and set up in Clermont before they arrived. We were set up in Clermont, The Bees RV Resort, by noon and around 4:30 or so the storm hit. We got it all and were concerned about how Sunshine would handle it. She was great. She seems too nervous to eat but is sleeping on the couch and has not moved for a long time. We hear the stories of how Greyhounds are terrified of thunder but she went through the loud boomers and severely rockin' and rollin' Montana when the high winds hit us. Just heard of 100 MPH winds just east of us. We still have rain and thunder but the winds are less and the tornado warnings have been lifted. There was a touchdown in Bushnell, just west of us, and Helem Moll reported a fatality near Ocala to someone who was on the road. Weathering this type of storm in a Montana is not our idea of something fun to do. We are safe now and thankful to God to be so. It was really wicked a little while ago.

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John Christensen said...

Hi Jim and Carol, I'm glad you are safe. We have had some weather since we have been on the road but nothing like what you described. In Pass Christian, MS until Monday and then to NOLA. I'm still not getting Jim's email. Take good care. John