Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Punta Gorda Murals

Today, we moved from Punta Gorda to Wauchula, FL, a short hop of one hour north up US 17. We are at the NACO Thousand Trails Peace River Campground. I hope to do some panning for sharks teeth sometime during the week that we will be here. Yesterday, we walked downtown Punta Gorda and saw some of the beautiful murals that abound around the town. Some were painted on walls and some were tile inlays on walls. We did not see all of them so we will have some more to explore when we return, maybe next winter. The work that went into the tile inlaid murals was fascinating. We were fortunate to see them in the sunshine and they had water falling from top to bottom and catching the rays from the sun. Tomorrow we go to Haines City for a Montana Owners Club lunch and get to see some old friends and meet some new ones. Maybe this weekend we will have time to pan the Peace River. Many years ago, Florida was covered with water and that is why the sharks' teeth are here. A story around every turn! We were told by a man photographing the birds that these white birds are called Iron Heads, because of their grey heads and necks.

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