Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Friday Already!

Since retirement, time doesn't mean the same thing that it did when I was younger and hustling and earning. I don't recall ever working a five day operation. When "coppin'," I worked a seven day schedule and when in business for ourselves, we could not have the pleasure of vacation days, comp days, personal days or sick days. When a client would call and ask for something, I would say "I can do that!" Then had to figure out how to shuffle time and projects around to answer the latest call. Now it seems like there are six Saturdays and one Sunday each week. This makes it great for traveling - don't have to rush somewhere so that we can enjoy it quickly and then rush back, thinking all the while about the project that was put on hold for a day or two and now we were up against a wall again. Loved it, though. It is now Friday here in Central Florida and we know that because tonight is the All-You-Can-Eat fish dinner at the on site restaurant on the campground. Tomorrow and Sunday is a huge art festival in Mt. Dora. Think we'll go and walk the town for a while and then to the beautiful Mt. Dora Dog Park and let Sunshine let off some steam. Then again we may either just go to one of the huge flea markets around here or just stay around here. See, it is tough decision time again!

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