Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday in Sunny Florida!

The big birds were plentyful around the park today, hunkering down preparing for the rain that was to arrive in the mid-afternoon. The temperature went up up the mid-70s and we took Sunshine to a do-it-yourself dog washing place called U-Dirty-Dog and gave her a bath. She is all soft and fluffy, now, and told us she wanted to show it off to someone/thing special so we took her to a Clermont Greyhound Meet and Greet. She immediately mingled, sniffed and was sniffed by about a dozen other Greys. She really believed that she was in heaven. She has slept pretty much ever since then. Carol and I went to the campground's weekly Ice Cream Social this evening and I really believe that I may never eat another drop of ice cream ever - I can't even write this with a straight face. IT WAS GREAT!!!! I sure am full, though. I will wait until at least tomorrow before indulging again, I promise!

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