Sunday, May 9, 2010

Des Moines, IA to Utica, IL

Today was probably the best day, weather-wise, that we have had in a long time - sunny and next to NO wind! In Texas, Arizona and the Plains, they call these 30-50 mph winds Breezes, and we do not quite agree. We had seen so many rest areas closed in the western states that it was a real pleasure to see that along I-80 in Iowa, there was a rest area about every 30 miles. My 70 year old prostate is very grateful. This one is even being modernized. After so long in the desert and mountains, which we loved, we are finally seeing GREEN grass and trees and loving it even more, now. We crossed the Mighty Mississippi and were welcomed to Illinois. Sunshine has gotten to where she can sleep more while traveling instead of whining every time we slow down. Here she asked "Are we there yet or should I just go back to sleep?" Progress, I guess! calls this water tower coffee pot the Worlds Largest Coffee Pot in a truck stop near our present campground. We'll have to go there and see if large size equates to good taste. We will stay here for two nights and then probably to Monticello, IN for two and then probably to our home park in Davison, MI. Wont be as long as it has been!

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