Thursday, May 13, 2010

We made it!!!

We are finally set up in our home park in Davison, MI. Stopped by the condo on the way here and it still stands. When we left Monticello this morning, it was 74 degrees and predictions of thunderstorms, high winds and hail. Got to Fort Wayne and the temp promptly dropped to 54 degrees and it got really foggy. The winds picked up and we made it on home, missing the storms but driving through variable winds and fog. We will take the next couple of days to empty the Monty and take the "stuff" home and then clean it up. Our "condo on wheels" came through this journey like a champ. No problems that couldn't be taken care of! Now, think it is time for a shower, bed and reflecting on this "best of all so far" trip! Every time we return from a journey, we wonder how it can be topped. IT ALWAYS IS, THOUGH!

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