Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Utica, IL to Monticello, IN

Yesterday, we prepared to move from Utica to Monticello. Sunshine ran into the bedroom and onto her bed at the foot of our bed. Said, "What, moving again?" and covered her head with her blanket. The rains that we had experienced overnight had stoppped and we were able to get ready to leave and stay dry at the same time. When she saw that we were, in fact, ready to move, she got excited and jumped right into the truck and let us know that she was ready to move. In order to not have to drive through South Chicago/Gary, IN on I-80, we traveled south on I-39 to US-24 and then took 24 east to Monticello. The river we crossed was The Illinois River. We much prefer traveling state highways over Interstates because we see more that way. We traveled through small towns and vast farmlands. We welcomed the lush greens of the trees and ground cover that we had missed since last fall. The only thing that we really missed was seeing the mountains soaring and canyons falling around us in the west. We were welcomed to Watseka, IL by a Smiley Face water tower and to Monticello by the friendly people in the West Oak RV Resort, south of town. It is storming with thunderboomers right now and Sunshine is doing quite well with the noise. We believe that she is more sure of us now and that we will not let any harm come to her. We are seeing more of her personality every day and we sure do like what we are seeing. She defininately has her own personality. She gets very exctited when we get to a new campground, wishing to see, smell and meet the newness of the new campsite. Tomorrow we are to move to our home park in Davison, MI. Storms are forecast for this and that area for tomorrow so we will play it by ear.

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