Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mitchell, SD to Pender, NE

Today we traveled from Mitchell to Pender. The first half was with a 30-40 MPH tailwind and then the last half was south with the strong winds coming from the west. We arrived at the Blue Ok hitch and tow bar factory. Since our 5th wheel slider hitch on our new truck would not handle the "bed saver" from our old hitch, they will design one for us, install it and we will have a new bed saver and Blue Ox will have the design for this hitch for future orders. We have used Blue Ox products in the past and liked them but this action really impresses us. They have a campground on their property with full hookups and will let us camp here until they are done on Friday. What's good about being in this area is that we will be having dinner with friends from the MOC that live in Omaha tomorrow or Thursday. Can't beat that! When we leave here Friday or Saturday, we will be slowly winding our way home to Michigan.

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