Monday, May 3, 2010

Sundance, WY to Mitchell, SD

We finally made it out of Sundance today. This morning we returned our truck to the mechanic who had "changed the fuel filters" because it was still difficult starting and discovered that he only replaced one of the two filters. Now, hopefully, it is good to go. The day was sunny and cool, finally rising to 66 degrees as we arrived in Mitchell. The winds that we have been having seemingly forever were relatively calm and it was a great day to travel. When we arrived at the Famil-E-Fun Campground said that he had just heard on the news that tomorrow the winds back between Rapid City and The Missouri River were to be 55 MPH SUSTAINED tomorrow. WOW!! Once again, our timing was quite good. Tomorrow we travel from here to Pender, NE, the home of Blue Ox hitches. They are taking our old "bed saver" that fit onto the hitch from the truck we traded in for this one in Texas but does not fit on the new slider hitch. They have not manufactured one that fits our hitch so they will design and manufacture one and give it to us for free, and then they will have a pattern for future savers for this hitch. This is great PR by Blue Ox. They also have a campground on their property that we will be camping at while there. The only cost to us will be time. We then will be winding our way home, probably arriving about May 14.

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