Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pender, NE to Des Moines, IA

Yesterday, we moved from the campground on the Blue Ox property to Cutty's Campground in Des Moines. The winds started gusting AGAIN up to 30 MPH or so to start. As we were getting set up, we told our new "friend," a bird that had been laying on either some rocks or eggs next to our rig. As we would approach, she would scream and splay her tail feathers telling us to get away and she was getting bigger to force the issue, if needed. When this wouldn't work, she would take off into the grass so that we would chase her instead of going near her "nest." Gutsy little lady! On our trip, we were even smiled on by a Smiley Face from a water tower in Adair, IA. The gusts picked up along our journey to over 40 MPH but at least the last half of the trip had the wind at our rear instead of the right side like it was for the first half. We got set up at Cutty's just before it started raining. The other day in Omaha at lunch with MOC friends, Ron and Mary suggested stopping at a dairy farm in Northern Indiana where there is a "milking carousel" and many calfs being born every day, among other interesting things. We will be camping nearby at Monticello, IN but, since we have not given Sunshine serious "separation training," we are not going to be able to see it this trip. We will work on that while home and hopefully see the farm in the fall, when we leave the MOC Rally in Goshen. Tomorrow we go to Utica, IL and then on to Monticello. From there, we head home. Looking forward to seeing family that we have not seen since the holidays.

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