Friday, August 17, 2007

August 17, 2007 Wapakoneta, OH

We finally got out. We had to stop by the dealership on the way to pick up some items that they "forgot" to leave in the rig when they had it in for repairs. We are at Lakewood Village RV Resort now. We will spend the night here and then tomorrow go on to Kimbolton, OH. We will be near Amish country there and will spend several nights there visiting the area. The weather has cooled some and is drier. That equals more decent weather conditions. Not the hot, muggy type that we have had. As bad as it was in Michigan, it is not nearly as bad as it is in the south and southwest. Where it is not overly hot is is overly wet there. This is a nice campground that we are in now. A nice indoor pool, outdoor pool and close to Wal-Mart and an eatery strip. TV reception is good, too. This weekend, we will try to get the satellite tv set up. We brought our tuner box and a dish on a tripod. Once we get it set up the first time, ensuing attempts should be more successful. We fell asleep at the switch today and missed the Welcome to Ohio sign but took this photo soon thereafter entering Toledo.

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