Monday, August 20, 2007

August 20, 2007 Holmes County, OH Amish Country

Today we drove through miles of Amish farms and shops. On the way out of the campground, we came across a road called Yellow River Road. I can't make this stuff up, folks. It really is called Yellow River. We don't think we will drink the water from around here. The day started out very foggy and rainy and dark. The fog lifted and the rain stopped for a while and we were able to see a lot of activity. The farms had many kinds of well taken care of animals from bison to goats to horses to cattle and llamas. There were even several Cattle Crossing signs posted along the roadways. We have seen Deer Crossing signs before, even a Duck Crossing in downtown Brighton, MI but never saw a picture of a cow on a yellow sign until today. Monday must be wash day for these farmers. They hang their laundry on clotheslines just like we did so long ago. Their lines are in gazebos, front porches and on poles in the yard. Berlin, OH is an Amish tourist trap reminding us of Frankenmuth, MI. Arts and crafts shops, cheese factories, Amish made furniture stores, and, of course, candy stores and restaurants. Might this be because they are mostly German in both places? Don't know. These are a proud people. When we stopped in front of an Amish residence that had many beautiful flowers in the front we said to the lady who was at her mail box "That is beautiful" and she merely said "I know." So there, huh?

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