Thursday, August 23, 2007

August 23, 2007 Champion, PA

Today was a hot, humid, partly sunny day. We are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning now and it keeps getting extended, time-wise. Looks like Ohio and other areas of the Midwest are to be hit again, too. Hopefully people will take the warnings seriously and take the proper precautions. The sun is shining and there are dark clouds mixing in the sky. We hear thunder and the weather radio tells us "If you can hear thunder, you can get struck by lightning." We traveled to Greensburg today and got the part of the vent that was destroyed when we struck a limb "escaping" our last campground. Greensburg is a larger mountain town along US 30. But, because of its relative location to our campground, it took us about an hour to go 25 miles. The drive was beautiful and very steep in some areas. We took the route suggested by our computer map program and discovered one lane roads up and down the mountains with scenic vistas and tight squeezes when oncoming vehicles desired to drive past us. We saw animals including the above llamas. Jeannette Pennsylvaina was named after our daughter so we took this shot of the Jeannette Hospital sign . Coal was being mined and traversed the road we were on in this tubular conveyor. They took out stone and coal and this depicts where it comes out of the ground and where it is then piled.

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