Saturday, August 25, 2007

August 25, 2007 Champion to Gettysburg, PA

Today we left Roaring Run Campground in Champion and went to Gettysburg. This was a short hop of about 145 miles. The drive was very mountainous. The first half was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and the last half on US 30. 30 was mostly two lane and had many very long, steep grades, both up and down. When we got off the turnpike we went immediately into a 3 1/2 mile steep upgrade followed by 3 1/2 miles of steep downgrade. From there, it became quite hilly and mountainous. While on the turnpike we saw massive windmills producing electrical power and also drove through a tunnel through The Allegheny Mountain. The day was sunny and extremely hot and humid. The temperature was in the high 90s. We arrived and set up at The Gettysburg Battlefield Campground. The people working in the registration office were very friendly and helpful. We were led to our site and it is a large site where I can finally try to set up our satellite dish in the morning. There are civil war reenactors here and we heard their battle while we set up. We will watch them perform tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of a very hot, humid stretch here in Gettysburg. The visitors to this area are many. The streets and sites are packed. We will look around tomorrow but probably mostly do our shopping and maintenance around the rig, in addition to seeing the reenactors. Tonight, when we went out to dinner, the wind and rain came up quickly, cooling the area off nicely. Coming back from dinner, we took a short peek into the battlefield area. Pictured are Big and Little Round Top Hills and a view of the hills that the Confederate forces came from in their attack on the Federal forces.

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