Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 26, 2007 Gettysburg, PA

We watched a reenactment today with reenactors from Maryland, 2nd Maryland Infantry, Company A, CSA performing what we used to call short order drill when I was in the army. Before the drill, we were invited into their camp and they explained that they were living as people were living during the war, even wearing clothing from the same patterns and materials (wool, etc) as was worn in the 1860s CSA Army. They explained that there were many engagements at Gettysburg involving Michigan troops. The campground that we are staying at was part of the battlefield during the war. We then went to an area of the battlefield called The Wheatfield. Here we located monuments for several Michigan units. We found monuments for the 4th Michigan, mustered in Adrian, the 5th from Detroit, and the 1st, from we know not where yet. We will take a more extensive tour tomorrow and try to locate more. Little Round Top and several other locations were defended by Michigan Troops. There is a lot of Michigan blood at The Wheatfield. This was a battle that swayed back and forth for parts of two days. The Federals held the open areas and the Rebels came into and out of the woods, sometimes looming up within feet of the enemy. We learned that, in The Wheatfield alone, over 4000 men were killed or injured. The area was described as being covered with red wheat. Tomorrow we will return for more. This is a very sobering place. So much carnage and destruction.

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