Saturday, August 18, 2007

August 18, 2007 Wapakoneta, OH to Kimbolton, OH

We are at the Grand Haven Resort near Kimbolton, OH. This was a real adventure just finding this place. The directions to the campground were written from the north on I-77 and we came in from the south. Our Delorme GPS mapper didn't take into account the fact that we were pulling 34 feet of 5th wheel and gave us a route that was at times a two track and/or one lane gravel road with steep grades and low trees. We finally were able to locate a spot in the road with a side road. We were then able to back into the side road and turn around. This area is the start of the Appalacian foothills and is rugged. It sure was beautuful, though. This area apparently has not been short of rainfall like Michigan has so it is so lush and green all over. Once we got back to the interstate, we traveled north to the exit suggested by the park and located it fine. When we arrived at the resort, there was a portion that was being used for a very well attended rodeo. We followed the signs to where we thought we were supposed to go and discovered that we were short of the campground portion. We then maneuvered our Montana around the rodeo parking crowd and were able to finally locate a spot where we backed up and turned around. From what we can initially see of this park, it is beautuful. Our site is kinda crowded with boulders, rocks and trees. With the great direction from Carol, I was able to get the rig positioned fine. We will wait until our next campground to lower our awning, though. This is fast becoming a birthday that I will remember for a long time. Gee, it seems like just yesterday I was only 66. I had grandchildren call and sing "Happy Birthday." That was so great. When we got married, we discussed what our life had in store - starting our life together later in life and trying to join two families. I just said "Hang on" and we have been hanging on gratefully ever since. Wonder what the next 27 years together and 67 years of life will bring - Nah, I really don't want to know.

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