Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10, 2008 Cartersville, GA to Heiskell, TN

We had music all night long last night. A confused robin was singing all night long outside our Monty. It was beautiful but didn't he realize that he was supposed to be sleeping? Maybe all of his friends had flown back up north leaving him behind. We left Cartersville, GA this morning and headed north. When we went outside, we saw a greenish, powdery substance all over our truck and Monty. There was a medium breeze and it seemed to be blowing smoke or dust. We discovered that it was pollen. It got into almost everything. We crossed into Tennessee at Chattanooga and stopped at the Volunteer Family Campground in Heiskill, TN. This is just north of Knoxville. Along the way we noticed that the green was disappearing and more trees had either no foliage or were just starting to bud. There were purple bushes along the way, some growing out of the rock walls as we went through the mountains. This campground is close to the University of Tennessee, hence the name Volunteer Camp Ground for the Tennessee Volunteers. We have a very nice site. The pad that we are on is cement and flat. The ground next to the pad is crushed rock and we have full hook-ups. Tomorrow night is a country/western show/pot luck dinner. What a combination, eh? We love it. Everyone here is so nice. There are many northerners heading north from southern climes where all spent the winter. We heard today that it is cold again in Michigan. What else would we expect in April? It is going to get colder here starting with heavy storms tomorrow - Saturday and Sunday going to highs of the upper 40s and lower 50s. This is just getting us ready for returning home, we guess.

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