Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008 Berea, KY to Lexington, KY, The Kentucky Horse Park

This was a short jaunt up I-75 to the campground on the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park. This campground has 260 water and electric paved sites with acres of green, green grass. Very clean. The only thing missing is the sewers at each site. That makes an excellent campground into just a really great park. The Kentucky Horse Park is 1,200 acres set in the rolling hills of Kentucky, just before the bluegrass becomes the Appalachians. There are horse barns, horses of all kinds, horse fences and show arenas all over the place. Also what seems like miles and miles of beautiful pasture with grazing horses. We got to the visitors center about 4:15 PM and the shows were done and the park was about to close at 5:00. We were able to figure out a rough proposed itinerary for tomorrow, though, with Rich and Helen. This area would have to compare to Graceland for Carol - she LOVES horses and Elvis. We went to dinner at a steakhouse that we located by using our GPS Points of Interest feature. This was a very old restaurant/bar in Lexington that advertised that it had been serving people for many years. We were not sure even about the neighborhood when we parked the truck and were even more apprehensive when we entered the old building. Quickly the trepidations left as we were served well, quickly and with delicious food. One of the sides was sweet potato casserole. I love sweet potatos, sweet potato pie and, now, this place's sweet potato casserole. This had raisins and pecans in it and brown sugar glaze on top. Oh, my - that, in itself, would make me want to come back. Tomorrow we will see the followers of Man-O-War, Secretariat, Cigar and other great thoroughbreds. We will see draft horses and who know what else. We will do this park like we did Disney - walking slowly, stopping a lot and really enjoying what we are seeing. The weather is still reminding us that we are nearing Michigan. The thermometer said it reached 44 degrees today but it is hard to believe. It was cloudy and spitting rain part of the day. Tonight it is supposed to get down into the 20s so we filled our water tank and put our hoses and water filters into the basement where it will be heated. The holding tanks will be heated by the furnace also. Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny and go up to a "balmy" 58. Where is Florida when we need it?

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