Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5, 2008 Clermont, FL

We really like it here at The Bees RV Resort. We were here two weeks on our way to Mouse Mountain in early January and, when we come back to Florida, may stay here for the time, instead of the Mountain. They have their own restaurant here. It is open two nights a week, Tuesday night for a chicken dinner and Friday night for an all-u-can-eat fish dinner. Carol is not fond of fish but she really enjoyed the fish last night. It was freshly caught and delicious. It has been very hot and humid for a while now and we have been getting storms in the afternoons and evenings - much rain and blowing. Regions north of us have been getting tornado warnings. Today we took care of some running around - prescription pickups, oil change, groceries, etc. Tonight we are going out to dinner with some friends and tomorrow we are probably going to Disney for one last visit this season. Monday we plan on moving camp to Lake City, FL. That is about 135 miles north of here. Carol is looking forward to the northern trip so that she can get into cooler temperatures. I remind her to be careful what you ask for. The RV parks around here are not nearly as crowded as they have been during the winter season because so many have headed back north by now. We hope to have this condition all the way home. This gives us easier access to choicer sites. The process of preparing for the Fall Rally in Goshen has begun. It is fun planning something of this magnitude again. I have been an administrator and supervisor for most of my adult life and have learned that I am the dumbest person in the world and just happen to be surrounded by so many that are willing to share. That is also taking place here in our capacity of Wagon Masters of the MOC Fall Rally. We have been getting some great ideas and offers of help and assistance. We now have two couples that have been named Assistant Wagon Masters and they are going to be of tremendous help. We have known them personally and enjoyed the experience and look forward eagerly to working with them to put together this rally.

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