Sunday, April 13, 2008

April 13, 2008 Heiskell, TN to Berea, KY

It was cold when we got up today. Warmed up into the lower 40s while we broke camp to travel. Soon after we started toward Berea, KY, it began to rain mixed with sleet/snow. As we went higher into the mountains near the Tennessee/Kentucky border, the sleet was more pronounced. When we got to our campground in Berea, Walnut Meadow RV Park, the rain increased. It was raining and sleeting while we parked and set up camp. Rich and Helen, friends from the Montana Owners Club, arrived an hour or so after we did and it was sleeting even more while they set up. It seems so long ago that we were sweating in the 80 degree plus days. There were freeze watches for tonight but they were changed to tomorrow night because is will only get into the mid 30s, so they say. We are going to the Kentucky Horse Park tomorrow in Lexington. We hope the thoroughbreds emit a lot of heat and are willing to share. We will be soon singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" if this keeps up. Our heaters and furnace are working so we are snug inside. Didn't set up the satellite dish in this stuff. We get pretty good reception using our antenna so we will be cozy here. Snug in our Monty with good friends to share lies and stories with - guess things are great after all. We did get some great photos today. Carol has become a very good photographer. The valleys in the mountains are vast and beautiful. Several years ago, someone got upset with the porn stores that were appearing alongside the expressways. He erected a huge cross near one in Northern Tennessee along I-75. The building to the right of the cross with the red roof is the porn shop. I don't know if the cross is working. The building seems to be larger every time that we pass it. We saw more of the purple bushes and trees growing out of the rock alongside the road. Carol wanted a picture of the I-75 sign showing her that we were, in fact, going north.

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