Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008 Disney World Hollywood Studios

We went to Disney Hollywood Studios today with Tom and Angie, friends from Michigan who have a winter place here in Poinciana. We strolled and watched Indiana Jones stunt doubles and actors show us how they did the Indiana Jones stunts for the movies. This is so fascinating. They did all from simple fist fights to climbing ropes and sides of buildings, falling (or getting knocked off) the tops of buildings, commandeering a plane and fighting with the Nazis to escape. These stunt people are very athletic and agile. Quite amazing. We then went to a Star Wars venue where we went into a Space Capsule and flew to another planet's moon. We were seat belted in our seats and there was a large screen in front of us showing us the view from the cockpit. What a rush! We could actually feel like we were in a space ship. We were thrust back on takeoff and the seats tipped when we turned, zigged and zagged. As various obstacles were met, we took various evasive actions to elude danger. We could actually feel it in our heads and the seats did tip and move, adding to the illusion. We walked the "Streets of New York, Chicago and San Francisco." We took the Great Movies Ride that took us into the making of olden movies. Our driver even was kidnapped and we were then driven by "Bugsy" the thug for a while, until he was "killed off" in an Indiana Jones type setting and Kevin, our first driver, returned. During this ride, a gun battle broke out around us between two gangs of armed "bad guys." We "Followed the Yellow Brick Road" for a while and saw Bogie talking with Bergman in "Casablanca." It was very hot under the sun and most of the attractions were under cover and very well ventilated so it was fine until we were in the street. With the heat, we left and went to Disney Downtown where our guests purchased some items and then to a Cast Member store where we purchased more for our grandkids. A little over two weeks until we see them again and we can't wait.

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