Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008 The Kentucky Horse Park

We saw beauty today in the forms of several breeds of horses at The Kentucky Horse Park. This is a 1,200 acre showplace featuring the horses. It is owned by The Commonwealth of Kentucky and is actually part of their state park system. They have hundreds of horses that they show, breed and take care of in modern facilities. Man-O-War, probably the finest racehorse that ever lived, is memorialized here. There is a huge statue of him over the spot where he is buried. This horse was so huge that his stride was 28 feet. Besides the live horses, there are lifelike statues throughout the park with various themes around them. We went to a couple of horse shows that were presented by volunteers and employees of the park. The black horse with the white hairs hanging over its hooves is an English Shire horse. This is a very muscular work horse and one of Carol's favorites. The rider of one of the other work horses performed acrobatic tricks on its back. In case you didn't recognize us, that is Carol and me under the statue of Man-O-War. This is our last day in Kentucky. Tomorrow we travel to Wapakoneta, OH, which is just north of Dayton. We will meet with some friends from Troy, OH for dinner and then travel on home Thursday. What a journey this has been. It is just starting to hit me that we are actually heading home and this portion of our life's journey is about to close and the next about to open. Wonder what it will have in store for us. We will partially unload the Montana at home and then set it up at Waldenwoods RV Resort in Hartland, MI, where I will be Ranger Jim for the summer.

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