Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3, 2008 Davenport to Clermont, FL

Although we are now only 30 miles or so north of Mouse Mountain RV Resort, where we left this morning, we are NORTH. Starting our two week trek to Michigan. We went out to dinner and when we left Chili's, the sky in the southwest was black. Soon it was raining and blowing so hard we could hardly see to drive. Now, it is blowing and raining less but still doing so. Felt both bad and good to move today - bad because our winter of fullfilling dreams is rapidly approaching the end but good because we are about to see the kids and grandkids. Also, I will be "Ranger Jim" for the summer and fall and am looking forward to it. Carol is going to meet with her doctor and see what can be done about her knees. All else has failed and now something more drastic must be looked into so that she is not in constant pain any more. What a relief that would be for her to not be awakened from a sound sleep or stopped from doing something she wished to do because of the intense pain. We will stay here in The Bees RV Resort in Clermont, FL for a few days and then on to Lake City, FL, then Unadilla, GA, then Wildwood, GA, then Haskill, TN, then Renfro Valley, KY, then Berea, KY then the Ky Horse Park in Lexington, then Wapakoneta, OH and then home about April 18. We are looking forward to this portion of our journey - what will we see, what will we do? Hardly wait to find out. Maybe one more trip to Disney before we leave then, Look out,Michigan. Here we come!

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